Visual Templates

Visual templates are drawings with blank spaces where there is room to write or draw. They can be a powerful tool for your own reflection, for group dialogues and even graphic recording for a whole room. They frame the discussion, create an overview and ensure focus. And they can be drawn and produced prior to a meeting or workshop. This leaves you free to teach or facilitate during the event.

Within a year of learning about graphic facilitation I started producing visual templates.

At the IFVP (International Forum fro Visual Practitioners) conference in 2019 I presented a workshop on how to plan and design your own visual templates that can be used if you facilitate a workshop or teach a class. Participants in the workshop received a hardcopy of a booklet that is a step-by-step guide to create a visual template.

I also presented the booklet when I conducted an online workshop in the IFVP Online Learning Series in 2020.